Saturday, March 1, 2008

Nikki's Progress

Here is new news on Nikki and here is a picture of our baby Nikki since she has grown. She is now 273 pounds and 11.3HH. She is 5 weeks and 6 days.
We are working with her on leading, picking and cleaning her feet,standing still,grooming,tying and have introduced Nikki to my chair when I go up to the barn. She is still getting milk from her Mom Beauty, but she has nibbled on some grain that her Mom spills. She is fun to watch. She loves running and bucking in the pasture. We won’t be keeping and breaking her to drive or ride. She will be weaned in about 4 months. We will be selling her some time between 4 and 5 months. She is a great prospect for a sport horse.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hank's First Job Since His Injury

Today Saturday February 16 we had an Indian Wedding. My horse Hank did this wedding. Hank did very good with walking. I hope he continues to heal. Hank didn't do anything wrong even when everyone was hollering. Hank might have to do another Indian Wedding job in March. I got to wear my new Aqua Sari that my friend got me when she went to India.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Beauty's Foal Filly Nikki

Nikki is wobbly on her legs, but she has been nursing. Nikki has been running in our pasture with her Mom Beauty. She will lay flat out with her Mom standing over her in the pasture. Nikki is 192lbs and 11HH.
We won’t be keeping her though, my Mom is only doing the basics on training like halter breaking, brushing lessons, and picking up her feet. She kicks out when you go down her legs. She is still nursing from her Mom Beauty. She put her head in the water once. I didn’t see the Birth but I am enjoying watching her run with Mom, and drinking milk from her Mom Beauty.
Nikki led with the butt rope and halter, and she also lead all the way down the hill. She is picking up all four feet
Hank’s elbow is healing, so hopefully he will be able to come back doing Eastern Indian Wedding jobs for my Mom’s girlfriend Al Stauble who owns Gentle Giant Carriage Company. Hank has to do a riding Eastern Indian Wedding job on Saturday February 16.
My driving lessons start back in March. I don’t know what horse I will be driving.
Nikki likes to take naps after she has learned a new lesson. She is starting to get her teeth one on the bottom and one on the top.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Beauty Foal Delivery

We kept Beauty in her stall Sunday because of the weather. Our horse Beauty delivered Monday morning. Beauty had a baby filly. Nikki is 150 pounds. When my Mom went out to feed the horses Beauty was standing in the middle of a wet stall and the baby was curled up in the corner. The baby was still wet, so we figured she was born between 7 and 8 o’clock Monday morning January 21 2008. She is wobbly on her legs, but she has been nursing. We weren’t able to get a vet to come out so we drove to McDonough and got the tetanus shot. We hope everything will continue to go okay. We guessed at February being that Beauty was going to have the baby. She delivered a month early.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Feeding Tube Change Experience

On January 16 Dr. Galambos pulled out my old feeding tube without putting me under anesthesia. That tube came right out. He pulled and the tube pop right out. That was amazing!!!!! It really surprised me. I guess he pulled with extra strength. The new feeding tube doesn’t leak. I couldn’t believe it. I knew he could grab it but last time the tube had a hole in it so he could not grab it.
The new feeding tube is a little different but it is working correctly.
It won’t be long before my horse Beauty has the baby. My Mom started feeding her an evening warm bran mash in addition to her grain.
my other horse Hank is going to try to do an Eastern Indian Wedding job in February, since Beauty has to be with her baby. Hank won’t have to pull a carriage for this particular Indian Wedding job. The groom is on the horse’s back.
My driving lessons start back in March at Driving Magic. Who knows what horse I will be driving. Usually I drive Beauty, but she has to be with her baby until weaning. That won’t be for awhile. I’m studying about foaling on the internet. My horse Candy would be too much horse for me to drive.
My Mom took my new sari to a taylor, so she can make a pretty top and skirt out of the sari material.

Monday, January 14, 2008


We are getting ready for our baby horse foal. My Mom got a nice foal feeder for the foal when it stops nursing. My horse Beauty should deliver in 1 month. We are trying to name it, but it is best to name it when you see what color the foal is, and how big the baby is. I really like the name Nikki if the baby is a girl. Nicky would be the baby’s name if it is a boy. I can’t believe how big Beauty is getting to be.
Hank is going to do an Eastern Indian Wedding job in February.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Williams Family Contact Me

Hi, this is Heather Brooks. Please send me a phone number or an address so we can send pictures or anything to Charles Williams. We want to contact him to comfort him. Please don’t ignore this message. We care deeply about the Williams Family.
Contact me
Heather Brooks